Advanced Crypto Literacy Program

Cryptocurrency Core Competencies (C3) is a global standard benchmark, researched and developed to ensure that everyone has access to essential foundation knowledge of all phases and aspects of the crypto industry and markets and are well prepared for the digital economy. 

C3 was created as a knowledge-based learning program that provides participants an opportunity to evaluate, demonstrate, and validate mastery of cryptocurrency and blockchain core concepts; the program offers a self-paced model with specific learning outcomes and objectives that empower personal development and career advancement. 

Twelve concise and comprehensive courses cover specific content areas and a broad range of topics. Through intensive reading and listening, learners attain the knowledge and understanding necessary to successfully pursue advanced academic studies or professional cryptocurrency-related jobs.

NOTE: Upon registration, participants access one additional course each month, while maintaining unlimited access to all previous courses. Students take all the time they need to complete the program and cancel membership at any time.

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