Certificate Requirements

Certificate Requirements

To earn a Certify C3 certificate of achievement, program participants must pass four (4) domain-level assessment exams; each consisting of fifty (50) multiple choice questions randomly selected from the three (3) courses associated with the domain level. Test takers must attain a passing score of eighty percent (80%) on each exam. See exam instructions for more specifics.

Cryptocurrency Core Competency Program Completion Exams: 

Domain 1 exam covers General Level Courses: History of Cryptocurrency, Understanding Crypto Coins, and Understanding Crypto Tokens 

Domain 2 exam covers Intermediate Level Courses: Guide to Cryptocurrencies, Buying Cryptocurrencies, and Cryptocurrency Markets 

Domain 3 exam covers Professional Level Courses: Crypto Payment Networks, How Cryptocurrencies Work, and Cryptocurrency Regulation

Domain 4 exam covers Advanced Level Courses: Cryptocurrency Security, Fundamental Analysis, and Technical Analysis

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