Goals, Objectives & Learning Outcomes

Goals, Objectives, and Learning Outcomes 


To help students develop knowledge, understanding, and skills related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3. 

To introduce students to the most important concepts covering cryptocurrency history and popular coins and tokens. 

To provide knowledge of buying and selling on cryptocurrency markets. 

To help students discover the details of how cryptocurrencies work on exchanges and the nature of laws and regulations. 

To give students a solid understanding of cryptocurrency security and best practices for investing. 


To provide students with personal development and career advancement opportunities related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

To explain, and help students understand, the nature of cryptocurrency origins, development, and technology. 

To enable better decision-making capabilities when buying, selling, or investing in cryptocurrencies. 

To familiarize students with all phases and aspects of the cryptocurrency industry and markets. 

To help students identify, and pursue, non-technical entry level cryptocurrency careers. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

Understand historical developments, innovations, creators and founders, and technology related to the most popular cryptocurrency coins and tokens.

Critically assess and explain the direct relationship between cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

Recognize key issues and opportunities concerning buying and selling on the crypto markets and using payment networks. 

Demonstrate how cryptocurrencies work and understand important regulations and laws determining their use. 

Make and communicate smarter financial decisions when investing in cryptocurrencies. 

Understand the primary aspects of using fundamental and technical analysis to trade cryptocurrencies. 

Explain how cryptocurrency effects the digital economy.

You will learn much more about cryptocurrency and blockchain by participating in the Cryptocurrency Core Competencies program.

NOTE: Upon registration, participants access one additional course each month, while maintaining unlimited access to all previous courses. Students take all the time they need to complete the program and cancel membership at any time.

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