Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview 

Cryptocurrency Core Competencies (C3), or Certify C3, an educational initiative covering everything people should know about cryptocurrencies, combines the three most powerful learning methods; listening, reading, and repetition.

As cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3 continue to dominate advanced technology initiatives, the digital economy knowledge gap will grow proportionately and will directly impact economic inequality. Recent research indicates that over 80 percent of middle-skill jobs require digital economy related technological skills and proficiency. 

Zengage Learning developed Cryptocurrency Core Competencies (C3) to provide anyone with cryptocurrency and blockchain literacy, knowledge, and skills essential for thriving in the digital economy. 

The Certify C3 curriculum is categorized, and organized, into four crypto core competency domain levels and twelve courses; each domain consists of three concise and comprehensive courses. All courses include audio podcasts for each lesson, with transcripts, created using neural artificial intelligence (AI) text-to-speech (TTS) narration. Practice quizzes are included. 

Each course has eBooks and additional audio podcasts covering the entire course. All components can be downloaded for offline learning and are accessible on mobile devices. 

Cryptocurrency Core Competency Domains: 

Domain 1 - General Level Courses: (1) History of Cryptocurrency, (2) Understanding Crypto Coins, (3) Understanding Crypto Tokens 

Domain 2 - Intermediate Level Courses: (4) Guide to Cryptocurrencies, (5) Buying Cryptocurrencies, (6) Cryptocurrency Markets 

Domain 3 - Professional Level Courses: (7) Crypto Payment Networks, (8) How Cryptocurrencies Work, (9) Cryptocurrency Regulation

Domain 4 - Advanced Level Courses: (10) Cryptocurrency Security, (11) Fundamental Analysis, (12) Technical Analysis 

Four 50-question domain level assessment exams must be passed to earn a certificate of achievement.

Program participants register for a subscription membership requiring a minimum of thirteen months to attain core competency certification; membership is automatically renewed until cancelled or the program is completed. We offer a 7-day free trial and a no-risk 14-day - 100% refund guarantee.

´╗┐NOTE: Upon registration, participants access one additional course each month, while maintaining unlimited access to all previous courses. Program participants take all the time they need to complete the program and cancel membership at any time.


See What You Will Learn

Access one additional course each month and maintain unlimited access to previous courses; continue at your own pace until completed.

Month One

History of Cryptocurrencies - Learn about the origin, development, and growth of major crypto coins and tokens

Month Two

Understanding Crypto Coins - Establish a general understanding of the nature of the most popular crypto coins

Month Three

Understanding Crypto Tokens - Establish a general understanding of the nature of the most popular crypto tokens

Month Four

Guide to Cryptocurrencies - A concise introduction to cryptocurrencies and related technologies; including digital currencies, cryptography, and blockchain

Month Five

Buying & Selling Cryptocurrencies - Where / how to buy crypto, wallets, credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer, selling / trading, transaction fees

Month Six

Cryptocurrency Markets - Learn crypto markets, value of coins and tokens, including current profitability and investments

Month Seven

Crypto Payment Networks - All about pricing services, fees, nature of transactions, spending cryptocurrencies, and payment networks

Month Eight

How Cryptocurrencies Work - How crypto works, blockchain technology, mining crypto, advantages, risk factors, and losing crypto

Month Nine

Cryptocurrency Regulation - The nature of crypto regulation, legality, tax scenarios, consumer protection issues, and illegal activities

Month Ten

Cryptocurrency Security - Learn security of cryptocurrency, anonymity of coins and tokens, hacking potential, restoring crypto, and trust factors

Month Eleven

Crypto Fundamental Analysis - Learn investment strategies used by the most successful investors, and the most profitable opportunities to buy and/or sell

Month Twelve

Crypto Technical Analysis - Understand basic and advanced technical analysis, chart reading skills, technical indicators, price trends, profitably trade crypto in any market

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