Recent Testimonials From Reviewers of Our Program

"Finally, everything I need to know about cryptocurrency in one place. I was getting frustrated browsing hundreds of disconnected online courses. Cryptocurrency Core Competencies has a logical and progressive knowledge flow; with courses that reinforce each other and empower learning retention."

James Miller - College Student

"Cryptocurrency Core Competencies is awesome; you get exactly what they say you will. I tried one of those "learn to earn crypto" scams offered by a major exchange; they only taught me about the couple of crypto coins that they owned, sold, or promoted; I was given worthless crypto and got high pressure sales pitches to invest before I was ready. I eventually loss more than $25,000 after being enticed with small gains. If you're a beginner, get the proper foundation knowledge, like Cryptocurrency Core Competencies, before investing."

George Smith - Veterinarian

"Many other cryptocurrency and blockchain courses, or information sites, may be enticing, and even informative; but they leave out a lot of knowledge and objective details that would provide you with more independent decision-making power. They want you to invest, Not learn!"

Jude Thorn - Online Marketer

“I considered many free, and paid, online cryptocurrency learning programs which offer a lot of content and are very engaging, with colorful animations, storytelling, and videos. Cryptocurrency Core Competencies provides content that is more closely related to what, and how, you would learn if taking a program at a top university like MIT, Princeton, or Cornell. And it’s almost free compared to the cost of those programs.”

Maria Garcia - CPA

"Free, or paid, cryptocurrency courses on Coursera, EdX, Udemy, MOOCs, and other sites too often have direct associations, or relationships, with exchanges and investment companies; and the publishers are not experienced educators; they want you to invest or buy a product that will earn them profits. You don't learn as much as with Cryptocurrency Core Competencies"

Roy Smith – Developer 

"Similar cryptocurrency programs associated with colleges and universities are very expensive. Zengage Learning Cryptocurrency Core Competencies gave me a chance to attain college level cryptocurrency knowledge, in an easy-to-understand format, for much less money."

Martin Singer - Online Marketer 

"Not bloated or complicated with distracting animations, games, flashcards, videos, or other entertaining but useless content. Zengage Learning Cryptocurrency Core Competencies offers a simply powerful learning experience at very reasonable cost."

Ronda Louis - Business Owner

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